14 January 2012

Today is blue

" if it was me , i choose to be a tree . Once i put my roots down , i'll never move . 
So i'll never be separated from anyone . " - Eun Suh 

10 January 2012

A fresh start

Hi .
I've been away for some time . Yeah and this is my first post or first entry for 2012 , glad that finally i have some time to write . at least , something . I've been quiet and let things pass as they will . I've got my own reasons for doing this . Deactived my Facebook , away from Twitter .

Yeah big clap for me ! i don't think many people can do this . Hello Final year ! Oh ya , recently i had my first Muet class for this year and you know what , i think i already have that ' ability ' to speak in English . Well . I think i did good  on the debate session .

Hey , at least i try . Kan ? Skip that . I've been busy this few weeks . Its a good way i think for me to forget bout all my sorrow , my problems , and alhamdullilah , i can say that i'm a happy girl right now . FINALLY .

Oh , i'm not sure whether you realise or not , but you always give me that ' negative motivation ' . Hey , i'm not that desperate for that . So yeah thanks . but no thanks . I think i'm catching up quite nicely . Things are better as they were . and i'm not changing a thing . am looking forward for a great great great week .

I'm fully motivated and i want to finish it all with style . So back to books , take care everybody :)

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