26 June 2016


Have you even been in this situation
where you're all alone and no one ever care about you ?

When it's involve some gather events.
you're the one who get all excited for everyone to join.
You're the only person who busy to arrange everything so it will work.
But end up everyone is so blind to see your effort.

Have you ever been in this situation
where people will only contact you when they need something ?

You're the last person in everything.
How does that make you feel in life ?



8 June 2016

Happy Birthday Kak Nai !

27 May 2016

Birthday surprise celebration for Hazlina Baba. I called her Kak Nai, actually Shafa was the one who plan the whole thing and luckily Kak Nai didn't suspect anything. We're glad because she liked the surprise that we did for her that day. May Allah grant you happiness, good health and may you success in what ever you do in your future. We love you lots <3

Happy Birthday, Kak Nai !

Farewell Party TRUMS 2013-2016

Hectic day.
Friday, 3 June 2016

When we were planning to hold this event, it was actually Sir Kamarul's idea. Oh by the way, i forgot to tell you guys that he is one of our tourism lecturer that we love. He said, why not you organised something like 'makan-makan' or a very nice set up where all 37 students in our class can gather since it is our last day of class for the whole semester and last day being at faculty before we enter next phase which is final exam. So we agreed to do it and we also noticed that we got another two important things that we need to settle that day which is midterm and one final exam ON THE SAME DAY. It is crazy to think back how we need to rush thing between these three events but everything went well and was worth it. 

Schedule for the day: 

9.00 - 12.00 : Final exam ( Issues and Trends In Tourism ) 
12.30 - 1.45 : Buy cake for the farewell
2.00 - 3.30 : Midterm ( Sustainable Tourism Management ) 
4.30 - 6.30 : Farewell Party 

And of course we have great selection of foods and dessert as requested 
by our lecturer and hungry people in our class (All) haahhahahaha!

We have invited all 6 tourism lecturers but only two lecturer available during the farewell which is Sir Kamarul and Miss Roseni, it's okay though. We can still see them during final exam soon. During the party there a photo session, cake cutting, short speech from the lecturers and representative from the class to express what they feel about being together in this three years and also to ask for a blessing from them for our finals soon. It was very sad when Sir Kamarul and Miss Roseni gives their talk because we know we will miss them so much and how we will not forget about how good to be in class everyone. Here are the place where the people knew each other and become friends. Where most people are getting older and bigger or some are getting smaller without realising itA big thanks to all of our UMS lecturers especially to our tourism lecturers (Dr Tini, Dr. Balvinder Kler, Dr. Hassanal, Dr. Jennifer, Sir Kamarul Mizal & Ms Roseni) for all of their knowledges, support,motivation and joyful as well to lead us throughout this journey, thus, creating this wonderful memories in everyone's life.We alwys seek for your blessing and pray for our next journey. We all are nothing here without you. Gonna miss you <3
"Photo's can be deleted and might destroyed by the age but not the memories"
TRUMS INTAKE 2013-2016

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